Elementary Program


Ages 6 to 12 at Aquinas Montessori School – Mount Vernon Campus

Your Elementary Child

While the young primary child may ask the adult, “Help me to do it by myself!” the elementary child asks, “Help me to While the young primary child may ask the adult, “Help me to do it by myself!” the elementary child asks, “Help me to understand the world!”
Our Montessori teachers give children the whole universe to explore. Stories, impressionistic charts, and experiential materials invite children to use their imagination and discover large and small wonders, from the farthest cosmos to the tiniest detail of a flower.

Montessori teachers respect the child’s need for dignity and autonomy. In our comprehensive educational system, children are respected for their work choices and variety of creative output. They are encouraged to use their reasoning power to find novel solutions and to regroup when an activity does not turn out as planned. Working in small groups, elementary children are able to test their growing social awareness and develop a collaborative spirit. Teachers act as facilitators to support children’s moral urge for fairness. They help them develop problem-solving and decision-making skills. This holistic approach of education embraces all facets of human experience and nurtures the intellectual, social, and spiritual growth of each child. The Montessori elementary graduate emerges as a self-directed young citizen, prepared for a complex and fast-changing world.

The Elementary Classroom

The elementary program builds seamlessly on the rich environment provided by the primary program for children aged 3-6. Each classroom is guided by an AMI-trained teacher who supervises all aspects of the learning environment and monitors the progress of every child individually. The teacher and children are aided by a classroom assistant who responds to specific needs of children and provides organization and care for the environment. Both adults foster each child’s personality and are skillful in supporting the development of a child’s full potential.

Mixed age grouping allows younger children to venture into more advanced topics, while older children can mentor the younger ones. All children are engaged in long work periods that allow them to master learning objectives at their own pace. Within this community of children, the Montessori teacher constantly weighs her hands-off approach against a need for intervention to help children make appropriate choices and become self-directed learners.

Under the guidance of the Montessori teacher, children self-manage their classroom community. They keep their environment clean and beautiful. They work collaboratively and learn to apply specific strategies to resolve conflicts, and they respect cultural differences and develop a sense of empathy for each other. Through the development of their interpersonal skills, students realize that they can be part of creating a peaceful world.

Program Details

The Mount Vernon Campus has two lower elementary classrooms for students ages 6-9 and one upper elementary classroom for students ages 9-12. All classroom environments are designed and maintained according to AMI standards.

Elementary children have a Spanish and PE lesson each week. Beginning in their last year of lower elementary, children begin to participate in our Latin program. They are also eligible to participate in our afterschool Classics Club and Drama Club.

School morning arrival for elementary students begins at 8:30 AM. Dismissal is at 3:00 PM. Before Care is available from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM and After Care is offered until 6:00 PM.

Our school year begins the day after Labor Day and ends after the first week in June.

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